I know I am a slave to my bodyand I suffer for it, and at timesI think of liberating death. But then I think of youwho have enslaved my body to my soul,oh my love!when I hurry to our meeting-place, light of hearta dash of morning breezein the dawn of the world’s first Day,my body becomes my soul’s slave, forgotten, as I fold you in my armsand kiss your lips till my eyelids closeand I’m gazing into another world, to the bemusement of the passers-by...

mardi 5 mai 2009

If somehow I were able.اگر می توانستم

If somehow I were able

If somehow I were able
to make contact with all the martyrs,
all those holy victims!
after singing their praises at great length
and saluting them roundly in their well-deserved bliss
I would pose the question,
have the highest, most sacred ideals (for which they died)
been of succour to the weary and the broken-down, to the mortal and frail of the earth,
were in fact these ideals ever of succour
or will they ever be?
Or are we still on our own down here,
year after long year
and beatification after beatification
weary, broken-down, mortal, frail and earthbound...
20 April 2009
agar mitavanestamagar mitavanestam
be didare tamame shahidan mishetaftam
tamame koshtegan mogadas
ta pas az dorudi bi payan bar anan
be anan rastegarishan ra tahniat beguyim
va az anan beporsam
aya armanhayeshan va asemanhayeshan
ensan khaste va shekaste va zende va zare zamini ra
madadi resande ast
ya madadi resanad
ya madadi khahad resand
ya tanha ma'im va sali az pase sali
va setayeshi az pase setayeshi
khaste va shekaste va zende va zar va zamini...
bist avril do hezar o no
اگر می توانستم
اسماعیل وفا
اگر می توانستم
به دیدار تمام شهیدان می شتافتم
تمام کشتگان مقدس
تا پس از درودی بی پایان بر آنان
به آنان رستگاریشان را تهنیت بگویم
و از آنان بپرسم
آیا آرمانهاشان و آسماهاشان
انسان خسته و شکسته و زنده و زار زمینی را
مددی رسانده است
یا مددی می رساند
یا مددی خواهد رساند
یا تنها مائیم و سالی از پس سالی
و ستایشی از پس ستایشی
خسته و شکسته
و زنده و زار و زمینی....
بیست آوریل دو هزار و نه

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