I know I am a slave to my bodyand I suffer for it, and at timesI think of liberating death. But then I think of youwho have enslaved my body to my soul,oh my love!when I hurry to our meeting-place, light of hearta dash of morning breezein the dawn of the world’s first Day,my body becomes my soul’s slave, forgotten, as I fold you in my armsand kiss your lips till my eyelids closeand I’m gazing into another world, to the bemusement of the passers-by...

mardi 5 mai 2009

We are the martyrs.شهیدانیم ما

We are the martyrs

We are the martyrs
upholders of the highest and most sacred ideals of today
our blood it was that yesterday's sacred ideals
spilled upon the earth
martyrs true are we
And yet
it is not our wish
that the sacred ideals of today
bloody afresh the sacred ideals of tomorrow
We the martyrs say, let be
20 April 2009
shahidan'im ma
shahidan'im ma
hamelan asemanha va armanhayi emruz
ke asemanha va armanhayi diruz
khuneman ra bar khak forurikhtand
shahidan'im ma
va nemikhahim
ke asemanha va armanhayi emruz
khune asemanha va armanhayi farda ra bar khak berizad
shahidan'im ma
bist avril do hezare no

شهیدانیم ما
اسماعیل وفا

شهیدانیم ما
حاملان اسمانها و آرمانهای امروز
که آسمانها و ارمانهای دیروز
خونمان را بر خاک فرو ریختند
شهیدانیم ما
و نمی خواهیم
که آسمانها و ارمانهای امروز
خون آسمانها و ارمانهای فردا را بر خاک بریزد
شهیدانیم ما
بیست آوریل دو هزار نه

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